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Framing Channels

Framing Channels for Steel Structures

HMP Framing channel and various accessories are used to build steel constructions for the installation of various sub structures. Efficient modular support structures are built quickly and easily. Flexible and low cost application is achieved.

Framing Channels consist of cold formed steel and stainless steel channels which are supplied with suitable.

T bolts and lock nuts to build secondary structures for various types of applications in construction. Attachments of any kind of elements are achieved with T bolts or lock nuts. Bolting is made freely at the desired position along the length of the channels. Some of the areas of use consist of pipe and duct installation.

The use of framing systems increases installation times rapidly and results in significant decrease in application costs. Work commences very quickly and the need work drilling and welding is eliminated which results in a better quality finish at lower installation costs.

Some of the areas of use consist of pipe and duct installation, machinery set ups, mechanical and electrical installations. The use of framing systems eliminates drilling and welding on site therefore resulting in safe and quick commencement of construction works.

Framing Channels are supplied either plain or with perforated slotted or round drilled holes.

Stainless steel and Galvanized channels are available.

Types of Framing Channels

A spring lock nut is inserted in to a HMPC channel at desired
The lock nut is turned 90 degrees clockwise until locked
The fixture is fixed with a set screw and a lock nut
Another channel is connected using the same steps
Channels are fixed to each other by tightening the set screws.

a. HMPC Channel

b. HMLN Lock Nut

c. HCC Channel Connection

d. DIN 933 Set Screw